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An Extra Exciting Newborn Photography Session

June 15, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

An Extra Exciting Newborn Photography Session

Premature Baby PhotoshootPremature Baby PhotoshootSweet little Thea with a daisy headband

All newborn babies are special but when they have to fight really hard for their lives you just can’t believe how much strength such little things have. Newborn baby Thea was born at 30 weeks gestation and spent 7 weeks in the NICU. She was a growth restricted baby weighing 2lb 2oz at birth. By the time we came to do her newborn photoshoot she was weighing 4lb which is still half of the weight of the average newborn baby that we see. Mum, Dad and Thea had all been extremely strong and baby fought hard to finally make it home ready for her newborn photoshoot. It meant that the parents were able to put a positive spin on everything with daddy even saying: ‘it has kind of eased us into parenthood’.

Premature Newborn PhotosPremature Newborn PhotosGorgeous Thea with her tushee in the air

As usual we had the car all packed up with our studio equipment and all the other bits we need (nappies, wipes, clothes, props, white noise, camera, flash, blankets etc). Slightly unusual was the location that we were heading to. Today it was a little more exciting as we were to be visiting an RAF base and mummy had said that we would have to give our names for special passes. When we got there we had to go and be photographed ourselves so that we could get passed the smart guard and allowed onto the base.

Preterm Newborn PhotographyPreterm Newborn PhotographyCutie Thea all snuggled up in a basket

Thea absolutely smashed her newborn photoshoot. She is absolutely gorgeous and they form just the most beautiful little family. We and mummy are really looking forward to coming back to do her cake smash photoshoot.

Armed Forces PhotoshootArmed Forces PhotoshootHappy family with Thea snuggled up in Daddy's helmet.


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