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How to choose a Newborn Photographer

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Newborn Baby PhotographCap wearing Head in HandsBeautiful image created safely by compositing two images together. Baby is never left unsupported.


Congratulations! I am assuming that if you are reading this that you are somewhere along the incredibly exciting journey that is to be expecting a baby. There is a lot to consider when choosing your newborn photographer and I hope that this guide will offer you lots of advice and help you to understand why you should choose Pamila at Cotswold Fine Photos to photograph your treasured newborn baby. Here are a few of the things to consider:


1 - Safety


Safety during a newborn photography session is of paramount importance. Newborn photography isn’t as easy as it looks. (Well, sometimes it doesn’t look easy either). It requires a lot of patience, skill and care. A good newborn photographer will have a strong background knowledge from hours of expert training and will have attended a paediatric first aid course to ensure that they understand about blood circulation, the bending of joints and the breathing patterns of your baby for when they are posing your little one. You can view my certificate from The British Red Cross here.

If a photographer lacks the necessary experience, it might create unnecessary stress for you and, most importantly, for your baby. Over time I have created a great working relationship with my clients and their families who always feel secure in the knowledge that their baby is in the safest possible hands.

Photograph of compositing a newborn baby photoPreparing Baby for PoseMore behind the scenes action showing the before from a forward-facing pose

Photograph of compositing a newborn baby photoshootNewborn PhotoshootSometimes one finger is all the support that baby needs

















2 - Is your photographer insured?


It is unlikely that you will ever need to make a claim, but it is always good to check that you newborn photographer has the necessary insurance to be doing what they do. A reliable photographer will always do everything they can to avoid accidents and to make sure that everything goes smoothly but you never know what might happen so it’s best to be prepared. Being insured is also a good sign that a photographer is legitimate, has a professional mindset and is taking what they are doing seriously - not just something they are doing as a hobby.

3 - Travel time


How far do you want to travel with your week old baby? How will you be feeling at this point? But do you want to miss out on capturing this precious moment? Well unless you want to get out in the cold with your new baby, stress about parking, directions, feeding etc then you should hire a photographer who come to your home with all of their equipment so that you can stay in your pyjamas, keep the baby warm and relax on your own sofa. Everything that you need will be on hand and you won’t have to think about a thing. So just let Pamila do her thing and take care of your baby so that you can sit back and relax. Some photographers charge extra for this service but at Cotswold Fine Photos there is no extra cost.

Photographing a newborn baby safelyNewborn Photography OxfordshireThe first stage in a head in hands shot. The second photo is then taken holding the baby's head from behind and the two images are put together in post production.

Behind the Scenes Baby PhotoshootBehind the Scenes Baby PhotoshootA behind the scenes look at how we create those wow images with safety in mind. Baby can't yet support the weight of their head so we give them a helping hand.















4 - What are you paying for?


This is probably an important part of choosing a photographer too. It is important to know how much the photographer is dedicating to your session. Some photographers spend as little as half an hour with you and your family, whilst others are willing to take as long as is needed to create a beautiful set of newborn images like us at Cotswold Fine Photos.

It all starts with that first email. You should expect some professional advice in choosing which session you require. Then comes the planning for your session: the colour coordination; the props; the backgrounds; the parent shots and poses; how to include the siblings. All that is required for a smooth session. Once we have your filled out questionnaire and have ticked off our checklist we can then load up the car and come to meet you and your baby. Your session will last approximately 4 hours with plenty of time to change, feed and keep baby happy.

Photography Studio in Your HomePhotography Studio in Your HomeBehind the scenes photo showing our studio set up that we bring to your home. We even bring our own sunshine!

5 - Products

Ask your newborn photographer if you can see samples of their printed products. Your life will be very busy and most likely the last thing you want to think about is what to do with your newborn photos. And the last thing that we want as photographer is for those photos to sit on a disc in a drawer or on the hard drive of your computer.


Once the photoshoot is completed the next shift begins: postproduction. Newborn babies tend to have very flaky, red or purple skin. Smooth blankets are a must too as we don’t want any little wrinkles distracting you from your baby’s beauty. We then come back to see you for a second time. This time to show you your beautiful edited images and to guide you through the selection process and to help you decide which products you would like to purchase. There are normally some tears and giggles at this stage. There is definitely no hard sell. 


Our final visit is then to deliver your lovely products carefully by hand. There is usually some wall art on order and therefore it is the safest way for us to know it has reached you in one piece. It also gives me a chance to see your beautiful baby again before their next photo shoot in 3, 6 or 12 months by which time they will have grown so much.

Finished photograph following compositeNewborn Head-in-HandsOne of the favorite poses but one of ones which is hardest for baby to get into and not all babies want to play along.

Thank you for reading through this. I really wanted to make sure you feel confident when choosing a photographer and that you all end up with someone you are truly happy with. The photographer you decide on might well become your photographer for life and this can be such a great relationship to have down the line.


We hope you have enjoyed reading about what we do for a living. Feel free to comment, like and share. If you are expecting a little one or already have one of your own and would like some photos like these please visit our newborn photography section or contact us here. Please try and book as early as possible to secure your preferred date.

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