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Newborn Photographer Oxfordshire - Gorgeous five week old baby with colic

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Photograph of baby boy looking at the cameraArchie looking at the cameraLittle Archie making great eye contact in a brief moment on contentment Here is our newborn photography photo shoot with a 5 week old baby with colic: Mummy booked with us when her baby was already 4 weeks old. She had already tried other photographers but none of them had got back to her. As photographers we suggest to photograph newborns up to about 21 days new or to wait until they are sitting up. We all knew that it could be challenging to get a full gallery of photos to show the parents but we are not afraid of anything and mummy sounded so nice that we wanted to do anything to make it happen. In the end we were so glad that we did.

Photograph of baby boy looking at the photographerArchie on fluffy blanketArchie giving Pamila a look to say 'what are you up to?'

Day one


We arrive at the lovely farm sitting amongst rolling Oxfordshire countryside. A beautiful setting for an outdoor photoshoot. We meet the lovely parents and of course the gorgeous Archie. He was settled when we arrived as he had been walking around the farm attached to mum in a sling. He was nice and cosy and sleepy. So we went ahead and got all set up with out lovely cup of tea. When we were almost done with the setting up we asked mummy to undress the baby as we always do. We ask parents to leave the nappy on and to keep him wrapped up at this stage and to give baby a top-up feed. That is when the colic started and it soon became apparent that baby wasn’t at all happy. He cried a lot and we felt really sorry for him. After about two hours it became clear that he wasn’t going to settle, even in his parents arms. We didn’t even get to hold him on this occasion. 

As much as we felt for little Archie, we really felt sorry for mummy and daddy as we knew how much they wanted these photos and how much it meant to them to get them done. To compound the matter we also knew that mummy would be getting stressed by the situation and that these feelings would be passed onto baby.

Photograph of newborn baby fast asleepArchie in Autumn sceneLittle Archie in a dough bowl padded with natural sheeps fleece and a background of autumnal leaves So of course the best thing to do was to offer to come back another day when they knew that baby was feeling better and having a better day. Mummy wanted the photos so much that she offered to pay for another session. Obviously we said no. We hadn’t taken any photographs. We hadn’t done our job yet and it is just as important to us to get some good photos as it is for the parents. 

This wasn’t going to be so easy as baby has good and bad days with his colic so we could not plan ahead. However it all worked out well in the end. We waited until the following week and on the Monday we got a cancellation for the following day. (As can happen when you’re waiting for babies to be born!) We let mummy know and she said that baby had had a bad day that day and that hopefully means he will be happy on the following day. We agreed that she would message us in the morning to confirm that they were still happy to go ahead….
Photographer posing baby boyArchie in Wooden BowlPamila positioning Archie in a wooden bowl with a fluffy blanket.


Day Two


At 7am on the following day mummy sent an email saying that he seemed to be happy so far and that she would like to go ahead. ‘Brilliant’ we said, ‘we’ll see you at 10’. After a quick breakfast we loaded up the car and off we went. Arriving again at the farm we see mum, dad and beautiful baby looking happy. Hooray!

We set up as quickly as we could to make the most of it. We started by seeing if we could get him off to sleep. Nope. Ok, what about trying to swaddle him. No way! The little man likes moving or being on the move. Ok so we will try to pose him on the bean bag. While he was content we put him in the forward facing position and bingo! It must have been the one second that he wasn’t moving and he gave us a wonderful look with some gorgeous eye contact. 

Daddy was also really good at holding him with his big hands and had a special way of soothing his baby. So we also got some great images of dad holding him and looking at the camera.

In the end all five of us were working really well together to ‘get that shot’. Archie soon started getting tired and daddy managed to place him in one of our props. Fantastic. We got a full gallery.



Don’t be afraid of photographing older babies. They are so wonderful with their expressions and eye contact. It was a very rewarding experience with lovely parents and we definitely do it all again.

Archie in Parents' HandsArchie in Parents' HandsArchie being comforted by his parents' hands wearing this cute wooly hat with bauble.

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