The Art of Newborn Photography


We are here to record those beautiful and special moments of you starting a new family. Those first two weeks could disappear before you know it. Our style is organic and neutral. We believe that nothing should distract from capturing the natural beauty and innocence of your baby: those cuddly shapes; those kissable cheeks and those tiny fingers and toes. So don’t miss out on capturing those priceless images because you only get one chance.

Photograph of handsome newborn babyVery Handsome Newborn BabyA fine head of hair on this young newborn baby boy.

What to Expect


When is the best time to book?

For babies that haven't arrived yet, the earlier you book the better. We are limited to the number of sessions we can do a week so we normally recommend calling us around your 20 week scan so that we can reserve you a preferred time around your due date. The ideal time to photograph your baby is within their first 20 days.  Most of the time the younger the baby the more easily the baby will sleep sometimes making it possible to capture a few little smiles which will enrich the images further. They will also be more flexible making is easier to pose them.

If baby is already here please contact me for last minute availability.


What to be aware of?

It is important that baby is having a good day. Children do best in front of the camera when they are rested and feeling well. In the case of any discomfort please call to rebook. A healthy child is a happy child. Please also inform us of any allergies, skin sensitivity or difficulties at birth.


How does it work?

Newborn photos are taken with the babies in a deep sleep with props and backgrounds. We pose the baby in various ways mostly in their ‘birthday suit’. All babies wee and poo. It will happen on blankets, props and even on us! Please don’t worry or be embarrassed – blankets, props and our clothes are always washed after each session. For more information you can read our blog about what to expect here.


Do I need to provide any clothes or accessories?

No, we provide all of the clothes, accessories and props but if there is a special item of clothing or prop that you would like to include just let us know.


Do I need to prepare my baby in any way?

We don’t ask you to keep your baby awake or to hold off on feeding because that can cause stress. Instead we ask you to give your baby a bath an hour before our arrival for the photoshoot.


Where does the newborn session take place?

We understand that mummies don’t always want to leave their own homes when they have just given birth, so we come to you in the comfort of your own home. We cover Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire and Warwickshire. All we ask is that you allow a space for us to set up our equipment and props. We will bring our own lights and heating but if we can have use of a warm room with good natural light that would be great. We need to keep the room at a minimum of 28˚C because your newborn baby cannot yet regulate their own body temperature and will be spending a lot of the photoshoot naked or just wrapped in blankets.


Newborn baby girl at her first photoshootBaby Girl Forward FacingPerfect capture of Baby Girl in the Forward Facing pose

How long does a newborn session last?

It depends entirely on each baby. We always advise parents to allocate 4 hours to allow plenty of time for comforting and feeding so you can sit back, relax and enjoy your experience. A stress free mum usually makes for a happy baby.


I have 2 children how does it work?

Siblings can be part of the newborn session at no extra cost. The amount of sibling poses will vary depending on baby’s cooperation and the cooperation of older siblings. A reminder that if individual photos of each child are required then you will need to book a separate session.


Are parents included in the newborn session?

Yes, we encourage mummy and daddy to be part of this session to capture the loving bond between parents and baby. For these photos parents are asked to be wearing neutral coloured tops.


Turnaround time?

Within 3 weeks of the photoshoot we will return to your home for a personal preview and order session. There is no hard sell. We are there to guide you through the process of choosing the best pieces of art for your home sweet home. Cozied up on your sofa, you can take your time and enjoy seeing your photos in a beautiful slideshow.


Read more about our experiences and what to expect on our blog.